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Where to Find Up-To-Date Legal Forms

While we recommend that you have an attorney help you with legal filings, we do recognize that there are times when you may be able to complete some legal forms yourself. For most motions, complaints, and pleadings, you no longer have to write it out on pleading papers. Most courts have created forms that are easy to fill out. The hard part is finding where to get those forms and making sure that they're the most current forms available. Here is a list of resources where you can find the forms you need for your legal case. 1. FindLaw's Legal Forms Do you want to know how to make a will, or incorporate your business, or write a residential lease? FindLaw's Legal Forms not only has the state specific forms that you need but also guidance on how to fill out those forms. 2. Court Self-Help Centers Most courts have self-help legal centers where you can get free help from staff attorneys to fill out legal forms. The center will also be able to guide you to the forms that you'll need your specific issues. However, these attorneys are not going to be able to give you legal advice or represent you in court. 3. State Court Websites The best place to check for local legal forms is your state's court website: California -- California's court website has forms that are current as of July 1, 2015. Under the Forms and Rules tab, you can search for forms by category, name or number. New York -- On New York's court website, you can find free court forms under the Representing Yourself tab. There are also free do-it-yourself forms to guide you through the process of preparing a court form. Utah -- For legal help in Utah, the state's court website has an Online Court Assistance Program that can help you draft documents for divorce, landlord tenant issues, guardianships, and other legal matters. Washington -- In addition to all court forms, Washington's court website also has a selections of forms translated in Spanish. The state is working to translate more forms into more languages such as Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, Russian, and Cambodian soon. Related Resources: Family Law Forms by State (FindLaw's Learn About The Law) How Do You Find Free Legal Aid? (FindLaw's Law and Daily Life) Free Legal Aid for Undocumented UC Students (FindLaw's Law and Daily Life) Getting a Divorce? 3 Ways to Get Help (FindLaw's Law and Daily Life)
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