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Women Criminal Defense Attorneys: Happy Holidays and a Dream Come True

Happy Holidays!  It’s that time of year to reflect on the year that is passing and anticipate all the hope that the New Year brings. The holidays remind us that childlike dreams can be a reality and that what seem like impossible wishes can come true.  That is what happened recently when President Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates. They were sentenced under the old draconian 100 to 1 ratio of crack to powder cocaine. One of the inmates was represented by Margaret Love from D.C who specializes in executive clemency and pardons.  She told the New York Times that both she and her client were overcome with emotion. Now, that was certainly a wish come true, at least for the eight federal inmates and their attorneys. There has been criticism regarding the fact that Obama has used the power of the presidential pardon far fewer times than any modern day president. The Editorial Board of the New York Times called the recent actions a “Small Step toward More Mercy“, but also called the Obama White House the “least merciful [administration] in modern times.”  There are still over 8000 federal inmates who are serving sentences based on the old drug laws, who have no recourse under the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. I understand the criticism; I too wish President Obama would do more.  What we should not forget, though, is that there are not many Presidents that would take up or care about our societies’ most forgotten citizens to begin with. The crack cocaine sentencing injustices that went on for years disproportionately affected African Americans more than any other race. There are not many individuals in politics today taking up the charge for drug offenders, especially those sentenced under the crack guidelines.  The spirit of that should not be forgotten or minimized.  And this holiday season is the perfect time to remember and reflect. Happy Holidays, and may all your wishes come true!
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