Nursing Home Abuse: Poor Hygiene

Poor Hygiene

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are commonly considered medical facilities and as such, are thought to be a clean and sanitary environment for the patients.  Poor hygiene can come in the form of a resident being left unbathed for an extended period of time or wearing the same dirty clothes repeatedly.  It can also be extended to the facility itself.

When considering a facility for your loved one, Inspection of the facility is of utmost importance.  A visit to physically inspect and asking the right questions are crucial.  How often and bathrooms cleaned and sanitized?  Are the kitchen and dining areas clean and free of mess?  What is the overall appearance of the facility?

To maintain proper hygiene at the facility, the staff must:

  • Properly disposal of biological and medical waste
  • Frequently change diapers and incontinence devices

Issues that can arise from poor hygienic processes:

  • Illnesses can spread more rapidly
  • Infections
  • Bed sores
  • Trip and fall accidents from improper maintenance and upkeep of facility
  • Weight loss

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