Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Pennsylvania has enacted laws concerning nursing homes to mandate the level of care provided to each of their residents.  These laws not only guarantee the most basic rights for the residents, but for their families as well.  They also ensure that the residents receive the appropriate care to promote their overall health and well-being.

The basic rights given to residents by these laws are:

  1. The right to select a doctor or pharmacy of their choosing.
  2. The right for all personal and medical records to remain confidential.
  3. The right to be informed of their own medical conditions.
  4. The right to be informed in writing of any charges or services prior to admission.
  5. The right to participate in their individual plan of care and the ability to refuse treatment at any time.
  6. The right to be free from restraints unless ordered by medical staff.
  7. The right to receive the facility’s policies, rights, and procedures in writing.
  8. The right to voice any concerns without fear of punishment by the facility.
  9. The right to manage one’s own finances or appoint another to do so.
  10. The right to utilize their own clothing and belongings.
  11. The right for immediate access to be granted to resident’s family members and access within reason for all other visitors.
  12. The right for a transfer or discharge to only apply if there are medical reasons, a permanent closing of the facility, nonpayment, or the welfare of the resident or other residents are in jeopardy.

Some of the most vulnerable Americans reside in our nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes.  When these residents fall victim to neglect and abuse, it takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll on the residents, as well as their families.  No amount of money will reverse what these loved ones have wrongfully experienced.  Pursuing legal action against the perpetrators is the best way to guarantee that the actions of the facility do not recur again and again.

Types of Elder Abuse and Neglect:

Recognizing the different types of elder abuse can be difficult but most often include:

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