Nursing Home Abuse: Wandering and Elopement

Wandering and Elopement

Many elderly Americans have some form of medical condition that puts their mental health in a delicate state.  The most common conditions are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, both which cause serious memory impairment.  Elopement is considered unsupervised wandering and it is the responsibility of the nursing home or assisted living facility to prevent elopement by providing supervision and security to its residents.  When these two crucial expectations of care are missed, the lives of the residents are in danger.

There are ways that nursing homes and assisted living facilities can better monitor patients to decrease the chance of elopement.  These are:

  • Alarms on beds and chairs of residents known to have mental deficiencies
  • Alarms on all exits
  • Proper staffing and supervision
  • Prompt response of staff in the event of a bed, chair, or door alarm going off
  • Proper training of staff to recognized the signs of a patient who may be susceptible to elopement

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