Schuylkill County PA Criminal Defense Attorney

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Schuylkill County PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Banks Law Schuylkill County Criminal Attorneys defends individuals charged with DUI, Drunk Driving, Driving Under the Influence, ARD, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID), Simple Possession, Possession of Paraphernalia, Assault, Harassment, Underage Drinking, Driving While License Suspended, and many other PA Criminal charges in the following communities within Schuylkill County including; Ashland PA, Auburn PA, Cressona PA, Deer Lake PA, Frackville PA, Girardville PA, Grodon PA, Mahanoy City PA, McAdoo PA, Minersville PA, Mount Carbon PA, Orwigsburg PA, Palo Alto PA, Pine Grove PA, Port Carbon PA, Port Clinton PA, Pottsville PA, Ringtown PA, Saint Clair PA, Schuylkill Haven PA, Shenandoah PA, Tamaqua PA, Tower City PA, Tremont PA.

Do not hesitate and wait, take control of your legal situation. Contact our Pottsville, PA Criminal Defense Law Firm today at 844-815-9632 for an in depth case evaluation by one of our Pottsville, PA Criminal Defense Lawyers.


[/vc_column_text][vc_accordion active_tab=”false”][vc_accordion_tab title=”What Have You Been Charged With? (Click Here)”][vc_column_text]Pottsville PA Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Drug DUI – Controlled Substances, Prescription Drugs, & Over-the-Counter Medicines
  • Chemical Test Refusals – BAC Refused
  • Highest Rate of Alcohol – BAC 0.16% or Greater
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Commercial Drivers
  • DUI By Minors with a .02% BAC or Greater
  • High Rate of Alcohol – BAC 0.10% to 0.16%
  • Low Rate of Alcohol – BAC 0.08% to 0.10%
  • General Impairment
  • First DUI
  • Second DUI
  • Third DUI
  • Fourth DUI

Pottsville PA Theft Offense

  • Retail Theft
  • Theft of Services
  • Theft by Deception
  • Bad Checks
  • Receiving Stolen Property
  • Burglary, Robbery
  • Theft by Unlawful Taking

Pottsville PA Assault & Physical Offenses

  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person (REAP)
  • Simple Assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking

Pottsville PA Drug Offenses

  • Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Simple Possession
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID)

Pottsville PA Expungement & Pardons

  • Expungement
  • Pardon

Pottsville PA Underage Alcohol Offenses

  • Purchase
  • Consumption

[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”Schuylkill County Quick Links (Click Here)”][vc_column_text]Courthouse

            Schuylkill County Courthouse
            401 North Second Street
            Pottsville, PA 17901


District Attorney

            Schuylkill County District Attorney’s Office
            401 North Second Street, 1st Floor
            Pottsville, PA 17901



            Schuylkill County Sheriff’s Office
            401 North Second Street
            Pottsville, PA 17901


County Prison

            Schuylkill County Prison
            230 Sanderson Street
            Pottsville, PA 17901


Adult Probation

            Schuylkill County Adult Probation
            300 North Third Street
            Pottsville, PA 17901


Juvenile Probation

            Schuylkill County Juvenile Probation
            401 North Second Street
            Pottsville, PA 17901


Local Rules


Magisterial District Courts

District Court: 21-3-06

Stephen J. Bayer
320 Rear East Broad Street
Tamaqua, PA 18252
phone: 570-668-3535
fax: 570-668-1750


District Court: 21-3-03

James R. Ferrier
209 North Warren Street, Second Floor
P.O. Box 189
Orwigsburg, PA 17961
phone: 570-366-0244
fax: 570-366-8901


District Court: 21-2-01

Christina E. Hale
619 West Oak Street
Frackville, PA 17931
phone: 570-874-1704
fax: 570-874-2360


District Court: 21-3-05

Anthony J. Kilker
33 South Main Street
Shenandoah, PA 17976
phone: 570-462-2680
fax: 570-462-2682


District Court: 21-3-04

Carol A. Pankake
19 North Pine Street
P.O. Box 25
Tremont, PA 17981
phone: 570-695-3128
fax: 570-695-2606


District Court: 21-3-01

David A. Plachko
Borough Building
301 Second Street
P.O. Box 13
Port Carbon, PA 17965
phone: 570-628-5351
fax: 570-628-5394


District Court: 21-3-07

James K. Reiley
200 North Centre Street
Pottsville, PA 17901
phone: 570-622-9181
fax: 570-628-6815